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14th March 2010 -


Young Jeezy News Young jeezys crew has had an altercation with woka flocka flame from gucci manes camp in a popular clothing store, several shots and a fight have broken out. In other news Young jeezy has recorded a new track with plies called Lost your mind its a real club banger and defiantly worth checking out .. Young Jeezy and Plies Concert After Party


January 24th 2010 -


Young Jeezy Producer arrested for Murder.

Shawty Redd who is big on many of Young jeezys tracks has been
arrested in ATL for killing a man at his home on
Atlanta on new years day after a confrontation according to
MTV news.

Shawty redd is one of the most promising producers
to come out of ALT in recent years. HE was heavy on
Young Jeezy Trap or Die album and was also a influence on Trap or die
and thug motivation 101.


August 7th 2009 -

Young Jeezy Talks New Album saying he is making the new album for all the thugs, the new album is hopefully going to drop some time this year.


check out the exclusive mtv young jeezy interview by clicking here

July 24th 2009


Young Jeezy Performs at Michael Jackson concert.


The musical tributes have flowed in for Michael Jackson with a special benefit concert been in honor and memory of the super star with rapper Jay Z, Young Jeezy and many more putting their time on hold to say good bye to the late super star.  Young Jeezy said good bye to Micheal Jackson with the song “I want you back” and his DJ dropped “Bille jean” before making his way into many other popular Micheal Jackson tracks. Young Jeezy had a lot of respect for Michael Jackson and it was shown in his tribute performance.



March 27th 2009

Young jeezy Monday mixtapes talks about some of the new
artists in the game, Jeezy just dropped his new album
shiel gang two along with his CTE street team jeezy is doing things.
Growing his brand name all around the USA and worldwide.


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